Lida in English

Lida is located in Tullinge, in the municipality Botkyrka south of Stockholm.

The Lida recreation area is owned by the municipality of Botkyrka and operated by the company, Upplev Botkyrka AB. The company is fully owned by the municipality of Botkyrka and also includes the surburban creative cluster, Subtopia and the public park Hågelbyparken.

Lida has a very old history, way back to the 15th century. The name Lida is a old Swedish word for "slope". When you are visiting Lida you will understand why. At the centre there is a old croft from those early years, today used as management office. 

The large building was design by the famous architect Mr Ralph Erskine and has been a meeting point and restaurant since 1946. The building is called The Lida Inn and is often used for weddings, parties and business conferences. 

At Lida there are several fixed grills that are open for the public. At some of them there is wood free to use, but bring your own coal to be on the safe side.

If you want to have your meal indoors there is a service building, Naturport, that is open daily. Toilets are situated here and also outside the Lida Gym building.

The recreation area surrounding Lida Friluftsgård consists of 35 km (22 miles) tracks and paths for walking, running, biking and cross-country skiing. In the area you will find Accropark, a High rope course, an outdoor gym, a minigolf course and a kids playground. There is also an indoor gym with showers and saunas, cabins for rent and a hostel.

The public beach (Lake Getaren) and the adventure golf course are both great for a summer day. Not far away from the centre you will also find a marshy ground with trails and a hide-out where you can bird watching. The Lida Inn is open daily, for opening hours click here.

How to get to Lida? 

Take the commuter train from Stockholm or Södertälje to the Tullinge station. Look for the bus 721, that will take to Lida. The distance between Tullinge station and Lida is approximately 7 km (4,3 miles). By car you simply use the Google Map and look for "Lida friluftsgård, Tullinge" Welcome to Lida - A place for active relaxation! 

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